The DIMITRIOS K. DOUVIS - Agricultural Product Company is based in Geliniatika Corinth of Xylokastro - Evrostini municipality, and has been active in the marketing of lemons since 1990. The scope of our activity is the standardization and the distribution of lemons both on the domestic market as well as on the markets abroad.
Our company is characterized by consistency and a constant effort to improve its products and the services provided, aiming at the excellent service of our customers. We work with experienced agronomists and certified producers from the region of Corinth and Achaia who grow their products with care in order to market them. Our company is staffed by an experienced workforce that make great efforts towards the strict sorting, packaging and standardization of the lemons.

We cooperate with experienced carriers, who using trucks - refrigerators which meet all the necessary specifications, carefully and responsibly carry the product to central markets of Athens and Thessaloniki, in many other cities in Greece, as well as to markets of many European countries, such as Bulgaria, Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, North Macedonia, Bosnia, Austria, Romania, Germany etc. The products that we offer and distribute are selected with strict criteria by qualified agronomists with experience in agricultural production. The products are known for their excellent quality and include the most commercial varieties, such as Maglino (a very productive medium - sized variety which bears fruit once a year. The harvest takes place from October to May) and Interdonato (an early variety with cylindrical or oblong fruits, with very few seeds which bears fruit once a year. The harvest takes place between September and December). The trading period in our region lasts about nine months, from early September to late May.